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First step.. 

“Raise your hand if you browsed their newsfeed for updates without posting/commenting on anything” – read a facebook post. The post pretty much sums up my social media activity. Many of you would think this is not an issue and that being active online doesn’t translate to much in real life. Though this may be true, I have started noticing a behavior in myself which left me feeling a little disturbed; I am extremely reluctant in expressing my opinions on an online platform but am very comfortable in making my presence known in the form of ‘likes’ and occasional comments congratulating or wishing a happy birthday to someone. On introspection, I came to the conclusion that the online world, compared to real world, is very rude and disrespectful to people which makes me feel that giving my opinion online is like digging  my own grave.

In real world, you talk to people who either respect your right to a different opinion than their’s even if they don’t agree with the said opinion. And in the cases where your opinion is not respected it’s not like hundreds of people will gather around you with some commenting as if you are too dumb to understand things, some calling you names, and some others even dissecting the way you were brought up and analyzing what went wrong in your life that made you form that opinion in the first place. Personally, this has not happened to me in the online world, but I have seen and heard of a lot of such incidents. It left me feeling helpless and frustrated – both of which are feelings I’m not that keen on experiencing if I can avoid it.

Recently, I have been toying with the idea of sharing my experiences and thoughts with a bigger group of people just to get different perspectives and gain more clarity for myself. Due to the issues (or fear? Not entirely sure) I have with the lack of amicable discussions in Facebook, I have decided to start writing blogs without publicizing it so that it will not reach too many people too soon. I’m just testing the waters now to see how comfortable I will be in doing this and to gradually get over my issues and fears.

Since I’m new to this, I might make mistakes. All forms of constructive criticism are welcome. As a general message, if a person can be convinced to change his/her point of view then you can do it without being rude or abusive. Otherwise, it’s better to just agree to disagree and end the discussion peacefully.